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Terms of Business at Buriton Business Park

At Buriton Business Park, we aim to make renting or letting one of our high spec units as easy as possible.

Rental Charges at Buriton Business Park

We offer a straightforward rental agreement that is inclusive of everything except your electricity usage. So, you know exactly how much to budget for each month. Business rates, if applicable, are paid directly to EHDC.

Here's what we include in our rental, which is billed in two parts due to different VAT rates.

1. Calendar monthly rental payment. Rental payments are not subject to VAT.

2. Calendar monthly management charge payment, covering outside and corridor lighting, security, toilets, cleaning and general maintenance. Management charges are subject to VAT.

Waste disposal is the responsibility of each tenant.

Your electricity usage is metered, so you only pay for what you use plus the company's usual standing charge. Electricity charges are quarterly in arears.

Leases, contracts and notice period

We do not require our tenants to sign long lease agreements for years ahead, nor do we tie you down with convoluted contracts. You pay monthly, so your term of notice is one month in advance.

Upscaling and moving units

At Buriton, if you need more space, you can upgrade your unit (subject to availability) saving the expense of redirecting mail and reprinting header paper.

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