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Workshops, office space and industrial units available at Buriton Business Park

As a busy business park in a popular area of Hampshire, we can offer a range of units, workshops, studios and office space, subject to availability. Thanks to our rents and no long-tern lease policy, we have many tenants who have been here with us for years!

Please find below some details about some of our units that are currently available.

If nothing suits your needs, please still call us to discuss your requirements as we may have other units becoming available in the near future. Also, remember we can customise units to your requirements, so we can create the specialist space you require in almost any of our units.

Units Currently Available

We currently have a small office space available.

Call now on 01730 266633, and talk to us about your commercial property requirement.

Now Available - Office Space

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Unit3A 2

Unit3A 3

Unit3A 4